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Contoh Dialog Asking and Giving Opinion Bahasa Inggris

    Contoh Dialog Asking and Giving Opinion Bahasa Inggris. Ungkapan untuk meminta dan memberikan pendapat merupakan suatu hal yang biasa didengar dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Baik secara formal maupun informal, baik kepada teman sejawat maupun kepada guru dan lain sebagainya. 

Contoh Dialog Asking and Giving Opinion Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Dialog Asking and Giving Opinion Bahasa Inggris
Contoh Dialog Asking and Giving Opinion Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Dialog Asking and Giving Opinion

    Sebelum mengarah pada topik utama yaitu beberapa dialog. Alangkah lebih baiknya mereview sedilit materi asking and giving opinion


  Asking opinion adalah unngkapan dalam bahasa Inggris yang digunakan untuk meminta pendapat/gagasan mengenai suatu hal kepada orang lain.
  Giving opinion adalah ungkapan dalam bahasa Inggris yang digunakan untuk memberikan pendapat/gaasan mengenai suatu hal kepada orang lain.
    Respon juga terkadang diperlukan berupa persetujuan (agreement) dan penolakan (disagreement). Bentuk resepon juga bermacam-macam.  

Ungkapan asking opinion 

  • What do you think about ... ? (Apa yang kamu pikirkan tentang ... ?)
  • What is your opinion about ... ? (Apa pendapatmu tentang ... ?)
  • Do you have any idea ? (apakah kamu punya ide ?)

Ungkapan giving opinion 

  • I think ... (Saya pikir ...)
  • My opinion is ... (pendapatku adalah ...)
  • According to me ... (Menurutku ...)

Ungkapan agreement 

  • Yes, I agree. (ya, saya setuju)
  • I'm with you. (saya setuju)
  • I agree with you. (saya setuju denganmu)

Ungkapan Disagreement

  • No, I disagree. (tidak, saya tidak setuju)
  • I don't think so. (saya tidak berpikir begitu)
  • I have another. (saya punya yang lainnya)

Contoh Dialog

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    Beirkut ini beberap contoh dialog dengan beragam topik, mulai dari yang formal hingga non-formal, mulai dari topik yang ringan hingga topik yang berat, mulai dari yang pendek hingga penjeng, baik dua atau tiga orang.

Dialog panjang 2 orang tentang pandemi corona

A : Hello, there ! How are you ?
B : Hello, I'm good. Thank's, what happened ?
A : Hmm, I call you because I miss you so much. This pandemic make us never meet again since a year.
B : Yeah, you are true. What do you think about this pandemic especially PPKM ?
A : In my opinion, this pandemic will never finish if there is no teamwork between the government and the people. 
B : I agree with you and How about PPKM ?
A : I don't think the policy is going well, there are still many violations everywhere.  
B : I think so too, the target is not clear, many small people are suffering more and more.
A : We can only pray that the world will get better soon. 
B : Yes, I hope so.

Dialog 2 orang tentang liburan

A : Next week, we will have our holiday. 
B : Ok, do you have any idea for next trip ?
A : Last holiday, we went to the beach. I think next holiday we better go to Malang. How about you ?
B : It's good idea. We can invite others to join our trip.
A : Ok, I will invite and prepare it.
B : Ok, see you next week.

Dialog tentang belajar di rumah

A : Anto, what are you doing right now ?
B : I'm studying Math, mom. 
A : What do you think about study at home, Anto ?
B : I think studying at home is a little difficult because of the lack of interaction with the teacher
A : I agree with you. But, in this situation we must be able to fight to get through the pandemic creatively, innovatively, and independently
B : I will do my best, mom.

Dialog 3 orang tentang makanan

A : Let's go to the canteen !
B : Ok, let's go. What will we buy and eat there ?
C : I don't like food with vegetables.
A : Hah, I disagree with you. I think we must eat healthy food and vegetables is healthy food. What do you think B ?
B : I think, I agree with you. We must eat healthy food, although many variant of them, vegetables is more healthy.
C : Since I was child, I haven't eat vegetables.
A : I know what you feel. But, I suggest you to change it.
B : Heem, I'm with you. You should try first and you will say delicious.
C : Ok, I will try first.

Dialog formal tentang bullying

A : Excuse me, Mrs. Ana. This time I ask for a little time to ask about bullying to fulfill my task.
B : Yeah, of course. I'm free right now.
A : What do you think about bullying, Mrs. Ana ? It's bad or good ?
B : Bullying is absolutely wrong and bad. That habit must be immediately eliminated because over time the effort to bully becomes vague and not felt. 
A : How do we deal with the problem ? 
B : The best way to deal with the problem is by understanding each other and increasing tolerance and cooperation.
A : Ok, Mrs Ana. I think it's enough for today. Thank's for your time.
B : Ok, you are welcome. 

Penutup Artikel

    Beberapa contoh dialog tentang asking dan giving opinion di atas, semoga banyak membantu para pembaca. Untuk materi yng berkaitan dan materi lain bisa dilihat di laman don-english. Sekian dan terimakasih.

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