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Latihan Soal Noun

Latihan Soal Noun, Tes Bahasa Inggris, Soal Bahasa Inggris Noun, Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Noun
Latihan Soal Part 1 "Latihan Soal Noun"

DON.english---Latihan Soal Noun

    Latihan Soal Noun, Latihan soal part 1 ini mengenai noun atau kata benda. Soal-soal di bawah ini sebagai bahan latihan agr lebih mantap lagi pemahamannya. 


1. Most farmers in my village have some ... to help their work.

a. Ox                      c. Oxens

b. Oxs                   d. Oxen

2. I know so many difficult ... that she became the champion of vocabulary contest.

a. Terminological              c. Terminologie

b. Terminologist               d. Terminologically

3. The math books that you have already bought have so many ... as its explanations.

a. Appendix                        c. Appendice

b. Appendices                   d. Appendixes

4. A financial ... evaluates public company statements.

a. Analysis                           c. Analyze

b. Analyses                         d. Analyst

5. Ayuni likes to wear ... when she goes to party.

a. Jewelry                            c. A jewelry

b. Jewelries                        d. Some Jewelries

6. There ... blackboard available in this shop three days ago.

a. Was not                           c. Is not

b. Was no                            d. Is no

7. A list of key beliefs of world class performers is the important material in coaching mental ...

a. Tough                               c. Toughment

b. Toughful                         d. Toughness

8. The Math tutor is always given ... honorarium every month.

a. A                                        c. The

b. An                                     d. Its

9. The big ... between you and him is that he wants to work harder than you do.

a. Different                         c. Differently

b. Difference                     d. Differentiate

10. The Harvard art museums have some great ... to be displayed.

a. Stuff                                 c. Stuffes

b. Stuffs                               d. Stuves

11. Not ... from Saudi Arabia, although most of the world’s supply does originate there.

a. Every gold come          c. All gold come

b. Every gold comes        d. All gold comes

12. Musk ... are truly arctic animal, well-adapted to their extreme environment.

a. Ox                                      c. Oxen

b. Oxes                                 d. Oxens

13. Thomas Alfa Edison invented ...

a. Electric light                   c. An electric lights

b. The electric lights        d. Electric light

14. ... certain molds and fungi to multiply very rapidly.

a. The tropical weather cause     c. A tropical weather causes

b. Tropical weather causes          d. Tropical weather cause

15. All of his time ... in the mosque.

a. Spending                        c. Is spent

b. Has spending                                d. Are spent

16. ... of human resources is interviewing applicants.

a. Director                           c. A director

b. The director                  d. Directors

17. Consult ... for question about COVID!

a. The two index              c. Index numbering two

b. Second index                                d. Index two

18. Please write out the answers to the question at the end of ...

a. Fourth page                   c. Page four

b. Four page                       d. Page the four

19. How many toys ... in the shop?

a. There are                        c. Are there

b. There have                    d. Have there

20. I am not from ...

a. French                             c. Spain

b. Korean                            d. Swiss

21. On behalf of (a) the committe, he thanked (b) the supperters for the great (c) and loyalty given (d) to the football team.

22. The (a) araceae are a (b) family of herbeceous monocots (c) with 109 genus (d) including the lemnaceae.

23. Calcium is known (a) as an (b) nutrient (c) that will decrease (d) hypertension and colonic cancer.

24. As (a) the new furnitures (b) arrived, the neighbors gathered (c) and started to whisper to each other (d).

25. Tsunami in the Aceh (a) was (b) caused (c) by undersea earthquake located (d)  in South Thailand.

    Demikian Latihan Soal Noun, Latihan soal part 1 untuk pembahasannya dapat dilihat pada pembahasan part 1. Untuk artikel-artikel lain dapat mengunjungi

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